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What is the "Sippo Net"?

"Sippo net" founding and history

Recently, more and more people are interested in rescuing abandoned or stray dogs. However, in rural areas, even if there are many dogs who need homes, there are not enough foster homes to care for the animals. In contrast, in more populated areas, there are fewer available dogs, and many people who would like to be foster parents, or adopt dogs who need homes. We at Sippo net decided to try to bridge the gap between the rural areas and inner city by creating a network to connect the rural areas with people in the inner city.
However, to complete the process more effectively, and create relationships between dogs and humans that last, we have also made a place in our organization for “dog life counselors” who can help us assure that after the dog is placed in it’s new home, it isn’t abandoned again, resold, or otherwise mistreated. We call our organization “Sippo Net” because our dream is for all “tails” to be wagging happily!

"Sippo Net" Purpose

If a dog is adopted through our system, we automatically send out a counselor at regular intervals to check on the health, happiness and welfare of both the dog, and the family.  The counselor will offer advice on important issues like training, care and field any questions or concerns that the new owners may have.  The counselor is usually a wanwan party club member, or a certified counselor.  There is never a fee charged for this service, our payment is a happy dog, and a happy family.

How to adopt a dog from "Sippo Net"

① Please contact us if there is a specific breed, size or type of dog you desire. Also let us know if you are only interested in young dogs, or are open to adopting one of our senior dogs.

② We will contact you as soon as a suitable match is found.

③ We will meet with the new family, and field any concerns that might be present, and also assure that the dog is a proper fit for your family.

④ We require that the new family participates in the training sessions. (this is free of charge)

⑤ After all of the above are complete, the date of adoption will be set. In the mean time we will prepare your dog to adapt to his or her new home.

* Sometimes it is necessary to attend a second training session via your city or if we have adopted the dog through another organization. Please complete these as are required.

* The training sessions at Sippo Net West Tokyo Center will be scheduled as needed. We can schedule a date that fits your calendar (within reason).

Support the "Sippo Net"

Volunteers at West Tokyo Center

The Sippo Net West Tokyo Center (located in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo) is always looking for bright and willing volunteers to help with the care and regular exercise of the dogs that live here.  Please let us know if you are interested, and what day would be convenient for you!  Also, we are always looking for transport volunteers who can transport dogs from rural areas into the city, or people who are interested in fostering a dog while they await adoption.

Sippo Net is also always accepting donations of the following


pet sheets


paper goods

and of course, any financial contribution you would like to give would be gratefully accepted.

With your support we can save the life of all dogs.

The bank account information for fund-raise

If you have any questions or comments, please send us email to

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The organization and company which has supported SippoNet


■Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies

Headquarters for the Relief of Animals in Emergencies


■Foundation JKA



■Merial Japan

Merial Japan


■ZENOAQ / Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

ZENOAQ / Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.





■P&G Japan